What Does the Language and Words of Your Clothes Speak About You?

How many ways can you cover your frame? There are so many different clothing styles and trends that it is impossible to keep up. I cannot even imagine wearing some of the stuff that is out there. Skinny jeans being one example. I’m sorry, but they make a guy look weird. I do like seeing the return of traditional style dresses in nice colors and fabrics. The dress was once the uniform of women, and trendy online boutiques are bringing their popularity back. However, I am also glad that pants of all types from jeans to dress slacks and even the presidential pantsuit can be worn by women today and it be considered fashionable.

There is so much to choose from and so many fabrics and textures and colors to to pick from that you can find something you personally like. I think the first rule of fashion is to make it about you. I, for one, prefer modesty in my manner of dress. I have coworkers that are a lot more bold in their use of colors and even the cut of the clothes they wear. No matter what you prefer, there is something on a clothing rack somewhere that will catch your eye. Continue reading

A Different Kind of Littleton

I used to watch a show on television about a group of people who lived in Littleton, and ever since seeing that, I always wanted to move to Littleton. I figured life would be just like it was on that show. I looked for luxury real estate in Littleton CO and decided on a home where I would live. I moved all of my things there and started my life with a new job in Littleton. I was working as a construction worker at my old place, so I thought it would be a good idea to get the same kind of job when I came to Littleton. The construction head saw that I had previous experience and was eager to put me on the job. Continue reading