Love Will Always Find You

For a while, my love life was in the toilet. My former girlfriend cheated on me with who I thought was my best friend. After that, I tried to get back into the dating scene without much success. I went to dating sites and met some interesting people, but we just weren’t compatible. One lonely night, I saw and advertisement for a tarot card readings love expert and decided to contact him on a whim. I didn’t expect the expert to tell me anything meaningful, but I was pleasantly surprised.

The card reader told me that my dating slump would be over, as I would find someone that I would consider to be a perfect soul mate. I didn’t think there was anyone out there who could be considered a soul mate. The closest was my ex, but I don’t think of her in that way anymore. Regardless, I kept my eyes open for someone special. I continued on with my life as usual, going to work, hanging out with my friends, and all of the other usual places. I was getting worried that the card reader had scammed me, because I wasn’t finding anyone.

I needed to find a book on electronics, so I went to the local book store to have a look. I had a project where I was trying to make a portable streaming device for a video game console. When I found the book, I reached to take it from the shelf, and a woman’s hand touched the book at the same time. She had long black hair and glasses, and also wanted to use the book to complete a project of her own. I asked her out for coffee so we could talk about our projects and share the book. We had many of the same interests and hit it off instantly.