A Different Kind of Littleton

I used to watch a show on television about a group of people who lived in Littleton, and ever since seeing that, I always wanted to move to Littleton. I figured life would be just like it was on that show. I looked for luxury real estate in Littleton CO and decided on a home where I would live. I moved all of my things there and started my life with a new job in Littleton. I was working as a construction worker at my old place, so I thought it would be a good idea to get the same kind of job when I came to Littleton. The construction head saw that I had previous experience and was eager to put me on the job.

Life wasn’t exactly like it was in the television show when I came to Littleton. The people weren’t the same as they were, they were much nicer. My new neighbors greeted me on the first day and even had a gathering for me. They made all kinds of food and drinks and we partied until the night. It wasn’t something that I was expecting to happen, but I was fine with it. We would talk to each other all the time and became great friends. There wasn’t anyone in the area that I had a problem with, even the kids.

I didn’t know my way around when I first got there, but I learned every location pretty well with my location system on my phone. It was pretty easy to figure everything out once you’ve been there at least once. I became so great at finding everything that I would occassionally give directions to people who had come in from out of town. A lot of tourists come here for vacation, so it’s to be expected that they would get lost. Sometimes I feel like I’m a walking map.