I Wanted a Nice Place That Would Help Me Cut Down on Commuting

I knew that I needed to move nearer to my workplace because traveling from the outskirts of the city to my office every day was really taking up a lot of my time. I began looking at places to live online, and after seeing the 12 on Shan floor plan online, I really wanted to check the place out in person. It looked like it may be perfect for me. But because it was the first place that I would be touring, I told myself to not get too excited because there are other places to look at in the area as well. But it turned out that the first place of interest is the best choice. I am glad that I started with the location that I did.

I use the public transportation system to get around most places. When I first began working for the company that I work for, I did not mind the commute that is 2 hours round trip each day. But after a year of that, the extra two hours out of my day became a chore. I used that time to read or think about pleasant things each day, but I would much prefer to be at home reading and relaxing instead. Not only that, I am limited with what I can do when I’m stuck commuting. If I can get to and from work quickly, there are a lot more things I could be doing around my home instead.

I ended up signing a contract for a two bedroom place at 12 on Shan. I really like it. It’s spacious and very modern feeling inside and out. I did go to look at other communities afterward, but none of the others compared. Other places offered smaller living space for more money and the units that I saw were not nice and new.