It Works on Elbows Too!

I don’t know how I ended up reading a my Pink Wink review online, but I had a lot of fun with it. It was a lot of laughs. It’s a cream that people use for bleaching their anal cavities and the skin around their private parts, so of course most us will laugh and chortle. My laughter stopped when I noticed in the review that some people use it on their elbows. Now that sounded promising because I definitely need some help with my elbows. Both of my elbow points are pretty dark, likely from age and grinding them into an arm rest all day.

I used to use a thing that was kind of rough to scrub my elbows thinking that if I could get the rough stuff off, the color would lighten and return to normal. It didn’t work. While I likely had the smoothest elbows in town, the color remained dark and frankly it was kind of off putting. Very likely I would have never tried to fix the problem because it wasn’t something that caused pain or discomfort. But seeing that review made me pick up some Pink Wink to see if the stuff really worked.

The bottle arrived in less than a week and I carefully read all the instructions before starting. I worried about keeping the stuff on my elbows long enough to work until I got the bright idea to cut off the toes of a couple of sock and then slid them over my elbows at night after I put the cream on. It kept it in place overnight and I would clean up in the morning. The best thing is that this compound actually works. I now have nice, pink elbows and that hasn’t been the case in many, many years!